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2008 Summer Schedules Posted: 2008-04-20 18:44:40
Schedules for both the Sunday team and the Friday team have been posted.

Fall Schedule Posted: 2007-09-05 20:43:52
The schedule for the fall season has been posted. Once again, thanks to the Varsity for continuing to sponsor us!

Official Ruling Posted: 2007-06-17 21:23:49
Taken from the "2007 ASA Official Rules of Softball - Team Edition" handbook:

Rule 8 - Batter-Runner and Runner
P. When, after being declared out or after scoring, an offensive player interferes with a defensive player's opportunity to make a play on another runner.
EFFECT: The ball is dead. The runner closest to home plate (i.e. the batter) at the time of interference is out. All runners not out must return to the last base touched at the time of interference.

Taken word-for-word from the rule book (the italics are mine).

Summer 2007 Posted: 2007-02-27 17:40:55
We are registered and ready to go for the 2007 summer season. Thanks once again to the Varsity for sponsoring us! Our first game will be the week of April 15th.

Fall 2006 Posted: 2006-07-26 08:06:45
Registration has been paid for the Fall 2006 season. The cost is $15 a person. Thanks again to the Varsity for sponsoring us!

New Pictures Posted: 2006-06-11 11:00:39
Pictures taken during the Spring Training trip in March have been uploaded to the site.

Summer 2006 Posted: 2006-04-23 09:58:39
The schedule for the summer has been posted. The cost is $23 a person. Thanks again to the Varsity for the sponsorship money!

New Schedule Posted Posted: 2005-09-07 09:47:40
The schedule for the Fall 2005 season has been added to the web site.

Redesign Posted: 2004-11-11 20:21:18
As you may have noticed, the site is undergoing a minor redesign. Please bear with the mess!

Sunday Coed - Halloween games update Posted: 2004-11-01 10:26:26
According to Tom, coed teams will skip the games scheduled for Halloween, and we will play the games scheduled for 11/6. No word whether we will play the games scheduled on Halloween at the end of the season...

Sunday Coed - No games on Halloween Posted: 2004-10-25 16:27:03
We will NOT have a game on October 31st because of Halloween. I'm not sure what this does to the schedule (if it moves back a week or if the game is just canceled). I'll let you know when I find out.

Sunday Coed - Schedule Errors Posted: 2004-10-07 17:27:16
Sunday players note that we didn't/won't play games 5 & 12 (against Western Bowl). If you want to know why, ask Tom why he made the schedule the way he did ;)

Wednesday Mens - Game Additions Posted: 2004-08-19 04:39:51
Two more games have been added to the schedule. We now play August 25th at 9:30pm and September 1st at 8:30pm.

Fall League, Part Two Posted: 2004-08-18 07:00:50
Both the mens and the coed team have officially been signed up for the Fall 04 league. Thanks again to our sponsors for putting up the money to allow us to play! I will give you all more details on the league (when we start, etc.) as I get them.

Fall League Posted: 2004-08-03 21:24:24
Check your email for the message regarding the fall league.

Sunday Coed - Game Addition Posted: 2004-07-12 10:03:09
We will play a game on Sunday, August 1st at 3pm. (If you check the schedule, team 9 should be team 8.)

Next Wednesday Posted: 2004-05-13 05:31:47
We will play the games on the schedule for the 19th next week (versus moving the schedule back a week).

Wednesday games Posted: 2004-04-26 17:18:23
The Wednesday Mens first games will be on April 28th at 8:30pm and 10:30pm.

Canceled... Posted: 2004-04-25 19:00:52
Sunday's game has been canceled. We will play at the same time (9pm) next Sunday.

First game of the year Posted: 2004-04-21 19:50:20
The Sunday Coed team plays its first game on April 25th at 9:00 pm.

League Fees Posted: 2004-01-26 20:38:53
Fees are due for the Summer League. Check your emails for details.

Working On Stats... Posted: 2004-01-14 21:16:40
Excuse the mess in the stats area...I'm working on it.

Welcome to Posted: 2004-01-08 20:34:38
Welcome to the official web site of Team Stremf. Currently under construction.

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